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The 'A Beauty' Trend

Find out the Ugly Truth about the Beauty Industry and the 3 Simple Standards of the Australian Beauty Trend that will Fix your Toxic Makeup Habits

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To us, clean beauty imposes a standard whereby formulas and packaging are chosen because they adhere to values of safety, transparency and efficacy, without compromise.


Biodegradable Glitter in Sand - Gigi's Eco Collection

Let's Make Sustainability Sexy

A Beauty

Unlock the power of natural beauty with Australian native ingredients in makeup that celebrates your skin and our environment, rather than causing harm.

The Secrets of the A Beauty Trend

95% Eucalyptus leaves

Our biodegradable glitters are plant-based with only 5 ingredients

What are the 5 ingredients?
6 Biodegradable Loose Glitters in Every Colour of the Rainbow

So you're the type that loves to look fabulous, but not if it will harm mother nature. Did you know that the regular glitter we wash down the drain is made from plastic? Enter the Diamond Dust Glitter Vault, unapologetically offering 6 biodegradable glitters in every colour of the rainbow - it is your One Stop Shop.

Our diamond-cut refillable jars feature a sifter for easy application that avoids spillage (because you know those spills are beyond irreversible). Our plant-based, non-toxic formula is cruelty free and vegan so it doesn't harm your skin or our precious animals. Yes, you can have it all!