Carbon Neutral Van - Gigi's Eco Collection

All of our beautiful packages are shipped both domestically and internationally with carbon neutral shipping

Our biodegradable glitters are sent by carbon neutral shipping on the same or next business day once we have received your order. Your completely recyclable cardboard postage box will arrive on your doorstep filled with shredded paper, wrapped up in sustainable tissue paper and sealed with love with our custom water-activated kraft tape, meaning that it is made from paper and not plastic!

Australia Post calculates how much carbon is used when they process, ship and deliver our parcels using trains, planes and trucks. This calculation is verified as part of the National Carbon Offset Standard program.

Once the carbon emissions are calculated, Australia Post purchases carbon offset credits to neutralise the carbon produced.

At the checkout, you will have the option of Parcel Post, Standard Post or Express Post with the prices calculated specifically for you and displayed prior to finalising your order. Please also see below for your convenience.

Standard Delivery TimesCost
NSW 1-2 Business Days$8.95 (Parcel) $10.00 (Standard) $11.95 (Express)
VIC 1-3 Business Days$8.95 (Parcel) $10.00 (Standard) $11.95 (Express)
SA 1-3 Business Days$8.95 (Parcel) $10.00 (Standard) $11.95 (Express)
QLD 2-4 Business Days$8.95 (Parcel) $10.00 (Standard) $11.95 (Express)
NT 4-6 Business Days$8.95 (Parcel) $10.00 (Standard) $11.95 (Express)
WA 7-10 Business Days$8.95 (Parcel) $10.00 (Standard) $11.95 (Express)

Please note that these delivery times are estimations only and may vary depending on the location within each state.

For international orders, if you would like the estimated delivery time and shipping cost, please feel free to chat to us using the icon on the bottom right of your screen, email us at or click the button below.

6 Biodegradable Loose Glitters in Every Colour of the Rainbow
6 Biodegradable Loose Glitters in Every Colour of the Rainbow
Diamond Dust Glitter Vault Jars - Gigi
Diamond Dust Glitter Vault Lid - Gigis Eco Collection
Diamond Dust Glitter Vault Labelling - Gigis Eco Collection
Rainbow Biodegradable Glitter
Blue biodegradable glitter on model - Gigi's Eco Collection
Pink biodegradable glitter on model - Gigi's Eco Collection
Gold and blue biodegradable glitter on models - Gigi's Eco Collection

The Diamond Dust Glitter Vault


So you're the type that loves to look fabulous, but not if it will harm mother nature. Did you know that regular glitter is made from plastic? These plastic particles wreak havoc on our environment after we wash them down the drain.

Enter the Diamond Dust Glitter Vault, unapologetically offering 6 biodegradable glitters in every colour of the rainbow - it is your One Stop Shop.

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