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Gigi's Eco Collection is proud to be a member of the Eco Packaging Alliance

The Diamond Dust Glitter Vault doesn't stop at providing eco-friendly biodegradable glitter. These dazzling glitters sit in a beautiful box that is certified as responsibly sourced by the Forest Stewardship Council, wrapped up in environmentally sustainable tissue paper, before being nestled into shredded paper inside a cardboard box, sealed with love with our custom, water-activated paper kraft tape.

A lot to take in? We know. Fortunately for you, the thinking has already been done by us, so that all you have to do is enjoy your glitters knowing that you are the best eco-friendly glamour of them all.

If that wasn't enough, by being a member of the Eco Packaging Alliance, Gigi's Eco Collection has helped plant 14,580 trees (and counting) worldwide in order to combat deforestation and, instead, create global reforestation! According to the United Nations Environment Programme, forest restoration is vital for a sustainable future due to their invaluable ability to reduce carbon emissions and support biodiversity.

Gigi also donates to Oceana and other environmental charities in order to win the fight against the plastic pollution in our oceans! For more information, feel free to look at our Donations blog.

6 Biodegradable Loose Glitters in Every Colour of the Rainbow
6 Biodegradable Loose Glitters in Every Colour of the Rainbow
Diamond Dust Glitter Vault Jars - Gigi
Diamond Dust Glitter Vault Lid - Gigis Eco Collection
Diamond Dust Glitter Vault Labelling - Gigis Eco Collection
Rainbow Biodegradable Glitter
Blue biodegradable glitter on model - Gigi's Eco Collection
Pink biodegradable glitter on model - Gigi's Eco Collection
Gold and blue biodegradable glitter on models - Gigi's Eco Collection

The Diamond Dust Glitter Vault


So you're the type that loves to look fabulous, but not if it will harm mother nature. Did you know that regular glitter is made from plastic? These plastic particles wreak havoc on our environment after we wash them down the drain.

Enter the Diamond Dust Glitter Vault, unapologetically offering 6 biodegradable glitters in every colour of the rainbow - it is your One Stop Shop.

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