Steps To Return Purple Box - Gigi's Eco Collection

We aim to ensure that you feel completely satisfied with your eco-friendly orders, so if you experience any problems, we are happy to help. Even a backflip isn't out of the question!

We want to be 100% sure that your transition into a clean and green beauty routine does not compromise on easy and glamorous makeup application.

So, consider the Diamond Dust Glitter Vault as your eco-friendly sample.

If you prefer your conventional plastic glitters, Gigi personally guarantees to PAY for your shipping to send our biodegradable glitters back to us for a FULL refund within 60 days.

Yes, we are that confident that you will love them!


We are almost positive that you will enjoy you order, therefore we are happy to offer refunds if the order does not meet your expectations. A refund will be given if the item is returned:

1. Within 60 days of receiving the item; 
2. Not damaged in any way; and
3. In the original packaging.

Please see below the steps on how to return the item to us.


Our goal is to provide you with biodegradable glitters that have been wrapped with love and completely cared for every step of the way. However, if you do believe that your item is faulty or incorrect in some way, please follow the steps below on how to return the item to us so that we can arrange an exchange, repair or refund.


We ask you to kindly send an email by clicking the button below or addressing an email to and:

1. Quote your order number, name and address and specify the problem you have experienced with your order; and

2. Attach any photographic evidence, if required, in the email.

Once we have received your email, we will contact you as soon as possible. 

Please retain your postage receipt just in case your return gets lost in the mail.

Upon receipt of your returned item, we will inspect the item and refund the purchase price if the return meets the above conditions. 

6 Biodegradable Loose Glitters in Every Colour of the Rainbow
6 Biodegradable Loose Glitters in Every Colour of the Rainbow
Diamond Dust Glitter Vault Jars - Gigi
Diamond Dust Glitter Vault Lid - Gigis Eco Collection
Diamond Dust Glitter Vault Labelling - Gigis Eco Collection
Rainbow Biodegradable Glitter
Blue biodegradable glitter on model - Gigi's Eco Collection
Pink biodegradable glitter on model - Gigi's Eco Collection
Gold and blue biodegradable glitter on models - Gigi's Eco Collection

The Diamond Dust Glitter Vault


So you're the type that loves to look fabulous, but not if it will harm mother nature. Did you know that regular glitter is made from plastic? These plastic particles wreak havoc on our environment after we wash them down the drain.

Enter the Diamond Dust Glitter Vault, unapologetically offering 6 biodegradable glitters in every colour of the rainbow - it is your One Stop Shop.

Is your makeup routine clean and green or a cause for caution?

Get personalised tips on how to simplify your beauty routine!