The Australian Beauty Trend Taking the World by Storm and Saving You Some Serious Cash-ola

The A Beauty Trend Model - Gigi's Eco Collection

Our spirited Australian attitude that is loved all over the world has transcended into the beauty community and we are loving it!

We have all heard of K-Beauty... you know, that trend you follow if you want the most glowy, plump skin you have ever seen? K-Beauty products deliver a complexion radiant enough to make a Disney Princess jealous and we are here for it.

Well, there is a new trend in town and it is very close to home for me. The A-Beauty trend, short for Australian Beauty, is becoming centre-stage in the beauty community; admired for its simplistic approach to beauty routines and nature-centric ingredients lists, there are now a broad range of products on offer that adopt these basics to beauty.

Australian natives and botanicals are uniquely versatile, offering not only a beautiful landscape on a sizzling summer day, but also the beautiful skin benefits of rich antioxidants, anti-aging plant sterols and hydrating amino acids found in the fruits, seeds, nuts, leaves and flowers of our vast Australian flora.

Mecca describes the A-Beauty trend as, "a love for simple yet effective formulas, down-to-earth ingredients (hello Kakadu plum) and an eco-conscious sensibility at one with nature." And we couldn't agree more!

The A-Beauty trend is all about heroing Australian natives that are ethically sourced and scientifically proven to be beneficial to your skin and overall health. But we want to take this trend a step further with our, A-Beauty inspired, 3 Simple Standards for Sustainable Beauty.

Our 3 Simple Standards for Sustainable Beauty

Eucalyptus Leaves - Gigi's Eco Collection

Plant-based, sustainably sourced ingredients from the Earth can be returned to the Earth without polluting the environment 

Rainbow Biodegradable Glitter - Gigi's Eco Collection

Science-backed, simple formulas that are short and sweet enhance your health and your natural beauty

Diamond Dust Glitter Vault - Gigi's Eco Collection

Recyclable or reusable packaging stops the need for excessive single use plastic and increases affordability

We love the idea of being able to embrace the revolution that makeup should be skincare. But what about the packaging? We certainly don't want to be destroying our beautiful environment, nor any environment around the world.

So, we have made a vow to ensure that not only do the ingredients in our products not harm our skin, but that our packaging does not harm our environment. Feel free to check out our Refill Program here.

The Secret to Sustainable Beauty that is as Ethical as it is Affordable

Simplifying your beauty routine down to a few great multitaskers not only saves time in the morning but saves you some serious cash-ola. Take the humble cream blush, for example, we love to choose a hue that enhances our natural complexion.

We apply the cream blush to the cheeks, lips and eye lids and, to finish off, apply some of the Diamond Dust Glitter Vault's biodegradable glitter on top of the lid for a little pop of colour. Brush through those brows and lashes and voila! 

The A-Beauty trend celebrates active, effective botanicals that are powerful in delivering skin-loving benefits. But in case you aren't familiar with some of the most popular Australian native ingredients, here are some to look out for:

Lilly Pilly

Lilly Pilly Berries - Gigi's Eco Collection

A red berry traditionally used by Aboriginal people for its healing and antibacterial properties, thanks to its high Vitamin C content. In order to withstand the arid, hot Australian climate, this berry is naturally very high in antioxidants. 

Eucalyptus Leaf

Eucalyptus Leaf - Gigi's Eco Collection

The antioxidant-rich, fragrant oil contained in eucalyptus leaf has great cleansing powers to remove dirt from the skin as well as great soothing powers for inflammation, scars or eczema. It is also a natural antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral and anti-fungal. No wonder our cuddly koalas are so crazy about the stuff! 

Kakadu Plum

Lilly Pilly Berries - Gigi's Eco Collection

This bright green plum is found only in the Northern Territory of Australia and boasts a Vitamin C content higher than any other food source in the world! Its ellagic acid content can assist in skin repair as well as being an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial.

Biodegradable Glitter and Eucalyptus Leaf - Gigi's Eco Collection

Unlock the power of plant-based beauty with Australian native ingredients that celebrate your skin and our environment.

Gigi xx

P.S. Don't forget to check the labels for eco-conscious buzz words like cruelty free, vegan or organic which can be inherently ambiguous. If you want to brush up on your knowledge on any of these terms, you can do so here.

6 Biodegradable Loose Glitters in Every Colour of the Rainbow
6 Biodegradable Loose Glitters in Every Colour of the Rainbow
Diamond Dust Glitter Vault Jars - Gigi
Diamond Dust Glitter Vault Lid - Gigis Eco Collection
Diamond Dust Glitter Vault Labelling - Gigis Eco Collection
Rainbow Biodegradable Glitter
Blue biodegradable glitter on model - Gigi's Eco Collection
Pink biodegradable glitter on model - Gigi's Eco Collection
Gold and blue biodegradable glitter on models - Gigi's Eco Collection

The Diamond Dust Glitter Vault

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