Biodegradable and Vegan

The Diamond Dust Glitter Vault is biodegradable and completely free from animal or animal-derived ingredients 
So... 'vegan makeup'... what does it actually mean for cosmetics to be vegan? A product is vegan when it does not contain any animal ingredients, such as animal skin or bones, or animal-derived ingredients, such as lanolin, gelatin, collagen or beeswax. Unfortunately, the cosmetics industry is filled with products that contain animal-derived ingredients with no way of us knowing what processes are used to source these ingredients from the animals and whether they are humane or inhumane. 
There is a simple solution: Gigi's biodegradable glitters contain ingredients that are plant-based and are not sourced from animals!
These glimmering glitters contain only 5 ingredients and these are clearly labelled on the packaging.
They are made up of 95% plant-based cellulose that is derived from the fibres of eucalyptus trees.
The other 5% consists of plant-based glycerin (2%) and plant-based phenolic epoxy resin (<1%), aluminium (<1%), and dye (<1%).
Keeping the ingredients list short and sweet, and plant-based, not only allows the glitters to be biodegradable but also completely vegan. Now it's time to complete our makeup look with some animal-friendly glitter while cuddling our gorgeous pets. You're welcome ;)