Here's how I make sustainability sexy.

Eucalyptus Leaves - Gigi's Eco Collection

Plant-Based Ingredients.

Plant-based, sustainably sourced ingredients from the Earth can be enjoyed in moderation for their many health benefits

Rainbow Biodegradable Glitter - Gigi's Eco Collection

Science-Backed Formulas.

Science-backed, simple formulas that are short and sweet protect the health of people and the planet

Diamond Dust Glitter Vault - Gigi's Eco Collection

Refillable and Recyclable Packaging.

Refillable and recyclable packaging stops the need for excessive single use plastic and increases affordability

Hey there beauty, it's a pleasure to meet you.

I imagine that you aspire to live consciously and mindfully of your own health and the planet's health every day. The operative word being 'aspire'  because it seems so unattainable in our fast-paced world. Does fresh produce wrapped in single use plastic sound familiar?

We can feel empowered by the simple choices we make on a daily basis, even when we don't get it right all of the time. So, let's pursue sustainability imperfectly.

Let's forgive ourselves for enjoying the little things in life that may not be the most 'sustainable' option. Most importantly, let's simply enjoy the journey to conscious living together.

   Keep it sexy,
Gigi xx


Unlock the power of my plant-based beauty with Australian native botanicals that celebrate your skin and our environment


I keep things simple and transparent with ingredients, formulas and packaging that are designed with people and planet in mind

Reuse and Recycle - Gigi's Eco Collection

Combating Our Plastic Pollution Problem

Donations - Gigi's Eco Collection

One Tree Planted for Every Order

Cruelty Free - Gigi's Eco Collection

Animal Cruelty is Not Sexy

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