The 3 Simple

for a Clean and Green Beauty Routine


I promise this isn't some sort of infomercial for a first world problem...

A Guide on the Guilt Free
Approach to Beauty

Learn about the latest trend that has unlocked the secrets of sustainable beauty to detoxify your routine and set yourself free from all of the harmful ingredients and single-use plastic crowding your beauty collection. 

Let's Make Sustainability Sexy

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11 Common Ingredients in Your Makeup that are Harmful to You and Killing Our Wildlife

Our ingredients glossary will tell you the A to Z of toxic makeup. Revealing everything from what ingredients have been linked to respiratory problems and breast cancer, to what formulas are threatening the health of our wildlife.

Turtle Trapped in Plastic - Gigi's Eco Collection
Gabi Washing Off Makeup - Gigi's Eco Collection

The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry’s Impact on the Environment and on Your Health

Did you know that humans are ingesting on average 5 grams of plastic per week? That's the same size as a credit card - which we want in our wallets, not in our stomachs. Find out our tips on ditching single use plastic that will actually save you money. No need for that credit card after all!

The Guilt Free Beauty Trend that is as Ethical as it is Affordable

It's time we put the pressure on companies to take responsibility for the lifecycle of their products. It shouldn't be up to the consumer to worry about where every single product they use ends up... Did you know there is a way to do this that is both ethical and affordable? I know right?!  

Gigi - Gigi's Eco Collection

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Natural Ingredients fromthe Earth
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Is your makeup routine clean and green or a cause for caution?

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