Why does eco-friendly makeup have to be so bloody beige?

As an ethical consumer, choosing sustainable makeup products shouldn't mean you have to compromise on colour and glamour

Why can't we have both?

Founder | Georgia Cam

LLB (Hons)   B Env Sc   GDLP

Sydney, Australia

Our 3 Simple Standards for Sustainability

Rainbow Biodegradable Glitter - Gigi's Eco Collection

Natural Formulas

Natural formulas that do not harm your health and enhance your natural beauty

Eucalyptus Leaves - Gigi's Eco Collection

Biodegradable Ingredients

Biodegradable ingredients that do not pollute our environment long-term

Diamond Dust Glitter Vault - Gigi's Eco Collection

Recyclable or Reusable Packaging

Recyclable or reusable packaging that stops the need for single use plastic and keeps costs low


How can I live more sustainably?

Living sustainably is a desire that we all hope to achieve one day...

The operative word being 'one day' because it seems so unattainable in our consumer-driven, fast-paced world.

The feature articles online that praise one individual who went completely zero waste for an entire year incite dread rather than enthusiasm.

It just seems so hard to achieve!

However, our 'consumer-driven' world provides opportunity; our everyday choices have a huge cumulative impact on the way we live and the health of our environment.

Let's look at the $532 billion beauty industry - what do you see?

Excessive plastic packaging, mica mined from inhumane practices, toxic ingredients that are harmful for your health and our marine life... 

It looks pretty ugly for an industry promoting 'beauty'.

Gigi's Eco Collection is determined to make it easy for you to choose the sustainable option by doing all of the hard work for you!

Now you no longer have to make a compromise between clean and green makeup and beautiful, glamorous makeup.

Pink Diamond - Gigi's Eco Collection

Let's Make Sustainability Sexy

After 5 years of study and enough law textbooks to make a small village out of, I realised that the corporate life of an Environmental Lawyer was not the right path for me to fulfil my passion -  to help save our planet. 

Day in and day out, I find it so frustrating to witness our leaders choose the economy over the health of our environment. It makes me feel powerless. But as individuals, we can feel empowered by the choices we make as consumers everyday.

One thing I always felt extremely guilty about was my makeup stash - so much plastic and so many toxic ingredients!

So, I set out to create eco-friendly makeup that makes choosing the natural, environmentally-friendly option, the easy choice.

Our Story - Gigi - Gigi's Eco Collection
Reuse and Recycle - Gigi's Eco Collection

Combating Our Plastic Pollution Problem

Donations - Gigi's Eco Collection

$2 Donated for Every Purchase

Eco Packaging Alliance - Gigi's Eco Collection

14,580 Trees Planted and Counting

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